Bakers Delight Lemon & Coconut Trifle

Wednesday, October 5, 2022


It's a Baker's Delight Christmas Recipe thing ...

We love this yummy Bakers Delight  Lemon & Coconut Trifle Recipe 


The recipe is below.


Thank you Bakers Delight.

Tis the season ...

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Hey guys repost as requested. 


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wondering if you maybe have a copy of this recipe? I made this last Christmas and it was so so yummy. I planned to make it again this year, but only saved the link to the site and it is has been taken down. If you have the recipe and could somehow share it or even email etc I would be so very grateful. Thanks Sharon :-)

ruby and pearl said...

Hi Sharon, so glad you enjoyed the trifle. :) We managed to source a copy online - hope this helps. :) Enjoy, Ruby. :D

Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!

Anonymous said...


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