Grandad's Christmas Stuffing Recipe

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

It's a Christmas Stuffing Recipe thing ...

Grandad makes the best stuffing in the world. Ok, we know that's a bold claim but Grandad's Stuffing Recipe is really, really good!

The ingredients are very flexible in their measurements which makes this a very adaptable recipe, so whether it's a small or large gathering you can adjust accordingly by adding extra onion, apple and mushrooms or less sausage meat and stuffing mix.

Pre heat oven to 180 Degrees Celsius


1 oven proof dish (any shape).
1 large mixing bowl
1 - 2 packets of sausage meat
1 - 2 packets of sage and onion stuffing mix
1 green apple
1 red onion
1 lemon

Step 1 - Mix sage and onion stuffing as per instructions on box (using large mixing bowl).

Step 2 - Add sausage meat to stuffing mix, then combine using your hands.

Step 3 - Add the chopped onion, chopped apple and sliced mushrooms - mix well. We like to have the onion and apple pieces larger than diced as we like a rustic, chunky mix.

Step 4 - Add the juice of half a lemon (depending on how juicy the lemon - you don't want it to over power the flavour of the stuffing).

Step 5 - Cook until top is crispy and the center is thoroughly cooked.  This usually takes around 60 minutes, but it really does depend on the oven.  If the top starts to look burnt cover loosely with a piece of baking paper.

Step 6 - Serve when needed.  We use a large serving spoon to scoop out a serve as we are going for a rustic appearance.

Tis the season ...

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